Eve IchimIntroducing Eve Ichim

We're pleased to announce that Eve Ichim has been appointed at PPSS Group to look after the BitePRO™ brand.

Questions & Answers

What is the shipping cost?
FREE shipping - worldwide!

What are the delivery times?
We aim to deliver within 14 days, subject to our stock levels. If products are out of stock, or for quantities of 50+, delivery may take up to 30 days. Please note that our products will be dispatched directly from our main UK warehouse.

Are the arm guards sold in pairs?

What are your most sold or most popular products?
Our Version 3 Arm Guards and Turtleneck Jackets are the most popular products.

Can BitePRO™ Arm Guards extend to the shoulder?
Only our 'Full Arm' Arm Guards offer bite protection up to the shoulder area.

Do BitePRO™ Arm Guards protect from bruising?
Only the 'Version 1' Arm Guards with additional protection offer a substantial level of protection from bruising.

Do BitePRO™ Bite Resistant Arm Guards
contain Latex?

No! All garments are 100% free of Latex!

Can BitePRO™ Arm Guards be seen under clothes?
Only our 'Version 2' Arm Guards can be classed as concealable/covertly worn arm guards. All other arm guard models are designed to be worn overtly.

What is the difference between the 'Version 1' & 'Version 2' Arm Guards?
Our 'Version 2' Arm Guards are covertly worn and offer a slightly lower level of bite resistance. Our 'version 1' Arm Guards (our most successful model) offer a slightly higher level of bite resistance and also feature a black Cordura® fabric which is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. It also can we wiped easily in case you come in contact with any body fluids.

What is your 'returns policy'?
Please read our 'terms & conditions'

Can the garment be washed?
Yes, at 40°C.

What colours do they come in?
Version 1, Version 1 with added protection and Version 4 Arm Guards are available in Black, Grey and Royal Blue. All other products are only available in the original colour, as shown in the product image.

How can I ensure the correct fitting?
All of our specification sheets come with fitting/size advice on them.

Are they comfortable to wear?
Yes indeed.

Do they protect the hand as well?
Our Cut-Tex® PRO lined gloves offer bite protection to the hand. V3 Arm Guards also provide some protection to the back of the hand.

Why are they so expensive?
All garments are made out of a high technology fabric called Cut-Tex® PRO, one of the world's strongest cut, tear, abrasion and bite resistant fabrics.

Can we have a free sample?
Unfortunately we do not offer such a service. We are convinced you will like our product and it will help you protect your staff. In case you are unhappy with our products please return within 14 days and we will offer you a full refund.

BitePRO™ Bite Resistant Arm Guards

Effective Protection From Human Bites

BitePRO™ Bite Resistant Arm Guards and Clothing
 can effectively help protect professionals specialising in special educational needs (SpecEd, SpEd or SPED), mental health care and those working within high secure hospitals.

Human bites are relatively frequent for these workers and it's an occupational risk they face on a daily basis.

BitePRO™ Arm Guards and Clothing have proven to effectively protect from these risks and all potential and realistic consequences of a bite from a human.

*When you purchase the BitePRO™ Grab Bag, you will save 20% on the cost of buying the contents individually.

BitePRO™ Bite Resistant Arm Guards have been supplied to more than a thousand health care workers and special education teachers in a number of countries.

Please be assured, the manufacturing quality of our bite resistant arm guards is exceptional and our understanding of this challenging sector is without question.

How bite resistant clothing can help protect mental health care professionals
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